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Rules to bet online boxing

Bet boxing on UFABET, the rules are easy to bet and to cancel including to start by reaching the page of betting. Start by complete the username and password to log in to the system.

login ufabet agent

After login, select Thai boxing menu from the sports betting menu. There are two types of betting: handicap & over/ under, and mix parlay. Select the handicap % over/ under then all of the information will be displayed.

  • Full time will give you only handicap means you can bet on the side that would win.
  • If there is a red number means there is a minus before numbers like -0.85 mean a bet for 85 baht will get 100 baht. While black numbers without a mark like 0.42 means bet for 100 baht we get 42 baht as a return, etc.
  • Over/ Under for every handicap is the game will be completed 5 rounds or not; if you think it will be then bet on the black numbers as 0.18 means bet for 100 baht will get 18 baht when you win. If not then bet on red numbers as -0.45 means bet for 45 baht will get 100 baht.

UFABET online boxing betting

  • ML (Money Line) is betting on a winner without handicap. The team that gets more winning chances will get less Money Line.
  • HDP (Handicap) is betting on the score; each team will handicap differently.
  • OU (Over /Under) is betting on over and under.
  • OE (Odd /Even) is betting on odd and even.