Auto Transfer UFABET

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Once you become our member, Agent UFABET, besides the greatest share you will receive, the system of transfer or auto deposit-withdraw. The system is used within the website to offer the most satisfactory option to customers. The system is under the control of the UFABET that you register for, and you can create your own admin as you want. Furthermore, The LIVE Chat to connect to customers and officials in Real-Time to decrease your expenses to spend on humans as well.

How is UFABET Agent auto transfer?

The auto-transfer system is a brand new system from UFABET and is the first website that takes this system. The system has been improving to qualify as the time the only smartphone requires. The automatic system achieves in 15 minutes without wasting your time, and 24 hours available.

An auto transfer without tarrying for officials.

Deposit-withdraw manually via the form; do not need to call to do the proceeding.

Fleet transfer in only 15 minutes.

Promptly proceeding in 15 minutes to complete the transaction.

Add a minimum of 100 baht only scan through QR Code.

100 baht deposit can be completed by QR Code easily.

Withdraw 300 baht minimum; full amount return.

Withdrawal through the auto system with 300 baht minimum.

Illustrate, the manage page of the automatic transfer system (Transfer-auto).

Dashboard page to manipulate data in the system. All of the information will display on the monitor screen of the transaction as the latest transaction including day, number, user, amount, bonus, and status.

how to manipulate the auto transaction system?

  • Able to select the status of whether to confirm or cancel.
  • Able to search/ clear names, number, user, account number, bank, status, and date.
  • Able to add members, edit data, on/off using the system of players, confirm the bank account, clear turn-over, clear password.
  • Able to view blacked players as a player data page.
  • Able to add or edit the officials to manage the access.
  • Able to set the system to on/ off if transaction system and receive a bonus automatically.
  • Able to add and edit promotions.
  • Able to edit the password.